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Updated: Feb 7


The term "Red Pill," which originates from the 1999 movie The Matrix, has begun to be used by people to frame their realisation of a previously unrecognised pretended world.

The phrase "taking the red pill" refers to realising the truth, especially one that is unsettling or reveals illusions.

Red Pill is a way of life and survival for men, fully armed with the skills, strategies, and behaviours to protect, defend, and avoid falling prey to irrational women, monkey branching women, fake feminists, highly biassed laws favouring women, and surviving a highly biassed corporate world rewarding worthless women in preference to worthy men.

The Red Pill is a metaphor for the truth. It’s not a cult or some kind of angry group. It’s just a collection of people who are aware of the issues that face men in the dating world, and they want to help other men by sharing their knowledge and experience.


The Red Pill is a movie about men, dating and relationships. It's not about beta males or betas in general. It's about how women are attracted to alpha males and what the best way is for a man to go about getting laid. The movie goes into detail on many concepts that men struggle with when it comes to understanding women, including Hypergamy (the desire for higher quality men) and Game (the art of being more attractive).

red pill for men


The red pill is referred to as the answer to discovering the real meaning of life. Morpheus characterises it as going further down the "rabbit hole," or, to put it another way, learning more about the lies that were spread throughout the globe in order to expose them and free oneself.

The red pill community is not about hating women; it's about helping them understand how society has conditioned them into thinking certain things are good and right (when they're actually bad) so that they can see things clearly for what they really are: flawed systems designed to keep women trapped in relationships with abusive men while keeping themselves safe from those same abusers—and all while pretending it doesn't affect us at all!

Men need the red pill because it makes them aware of the truth.

Red pill exposes all of the lies of the modern world, enabling men to better themselves.


What is Hypergamy?

The concept of hypergamy is the tendency for women to marry up (in terms of status and income) when they have the opportunity. This can be seen in many aspects of life, but perhaps one of the most obvious is dating.

Women are attracted to men who are more successful than them, or who have higher status and/or income than themselves. This may sound like some kind of misogynistic scenario where women want only losers for their husbands—but it's actually just human nature! Men want what they can't have: higher status than their current partner; or an attractive mate with lots more money than him (and therefore less competition).

What is Sexual Strategy?

Sexual strategy is the strategy people use in order to get sex. It’s not the same for women and men, but it does exist. This is because we all have different preferences for how we approach getting laid—individuals who have a high sexual preference may have more success at meeting their goals than others.

In contrast with most approaches to dating, where guys are expected to be assertive and dominant with women (even if they aren't trying), PUA teaches that men should act like meek little puppies when interacting with women because it'll help them achieve their goals faster (and maybe even make them happier). The idea behind this is that if you're nice enough to someone (who doesn't want anything from you), then they might give something back—and by giving something back, I mean sex!


Why are women attracted to Alpha males?

Alpha males are more likely to be successful. This isn't a surprise, but it's still important to note that women want men who can provide for them in a way that alpha males tend to do better at than beta males. Women are attracted by confidence and dominance—they want the strongest, most dominant person around them, not some wimpy beta male who will let her down when she needs him most.

Women want men who don't need much from them in order for them to feel good about their relationship and themselves as individuals (and this includes sex). Alpha males have an innate sense of power over others: they know how powerful they are without having had any formal training or experience; furthermore, they don't need anything from anyone else except perhaps companionship or love (which is why women often prefer alphas over betas).

Can Beta Males succeed with women?

Beta males can succeed with women, but it is harder. They need to be more attractive than alpha males, more confident than alphas and charming in the same way as them. They also need to be honest — there are lots of ways that beta males can lie or deceive women into thinking they're good partners when they're not (and this applies even if you're dating a woman who has never been cheated on before).

Beta males have an easier time getting laid because they don't challenge the status quo like alpha men do; by definition, beta males aren't trying for anything higher up on any social ladder than their own place in society (which isn't too high at all). However, this doesn't mean that everyone who falls into this category will have no problems finding success with women—it just means those who choose such roles often face challenges along the way!

What is a Pussy Pass?

A Pussy Pass is a privilege that allows women to get away with things that men would not be excused for. It's used as an excuse for bad behavior, and it’s sometimes even accepted as valid reason. For example, if you're a woman and you forget your lunch at work (which happens all the time), your boss won't fire you because she knows she can get away with it.

If there were no Pussy Passes in society, then everyone would have to play by the same rules and behave in ways that are acceptable or unacceptable according to their gender. This could result in less sexual harassment from men toward women—because they wouldn't be able to get away with anything!

What is Game?

Game is a set of skills and techniques used to meet, attract and seduce women. It's not magic, but it can help you develop yourself into the kind of man that women find attractive.

Game isn't about lying or being dishonest with people; it's about being open and honest with yourself first and foremost before anything else. If you don't know what your strengths are as a person then how will anyone else know? You have to learn how to communicate them through words so they're understood by others in order for things like attraction or relationships (or even professional success) come into play at all!

Game isn't just about getting laid either—it also teaches us how important self-disclosure is when interacting with others socially which makes us more likable overall because we aren’t afraid of showing our true selves around other people who share similar interests/goals etcetera."


There are many things about dating and relationships that are misunderstood by men.

There are many things about dating and relationships that are misunderstood by men. Men can learn from the red pill, which is a philosophy about women, sex, and relationships. It’s a way to understand women better than most men do now. We all know that women want men to be dominant in bed. However, what many people don't realize is how this works—and when you understand it (or think you do), you'll see why so many relationships fail or don't last long enough for any kind of partnership or marriage to form between two people:

  • Women want their partner(s) to be stronger than them—in both body and mind—because they feel safer around those types of partners;

  • As a result of this desire for strength on behalf of women during sex acts with their partners (i) men often lose interest before climaxing due to lack thereof; (ii) orgasms aren't as powerful because there's less friction between bodies; and finally...


1. Every man can increase his physical attractiveness.

Let's say you are an average 4-5.

- Improve your style: + 1-2

- Improve your grooming: +1-2.

- Improve your physique: +2-3

You can easily become an 8-9.

2. The biggest obstacle to Success is always mental. If you consider yourself unworthy of success and the beauty that this world has to offer, You will self sabotage right at the cusp of winning.

3. She can’t reject you, she can only really reject herself. Does she know who you really are? Does she know what you’ve been through Does she know what a badass you are? Then why are you letting her be a judge of who you are?

4. Blaming women for not keeping her word is like blaming a child for spilling the milk.

5. She will tell you to not go to war.

She will beg you to stay.

If you stay, she will kick you out.

If you go to war, she will love you for it and serve you for life.

Look at her actions, not words.

6. The best revenge when someone “steals” your girlfriend is to let them keep her.


7. Women are born with value. All they need to do is preserve it.

Men are born with ZERO value. You must build yourself up, and keep building further.

Nobody cares if you are a man and weak

8. The problem is that you want to “win her back”

what if instead, you asked yourself “How do I make her regret ever leaving me”

9. If you're sad, fix your body language. If you're happy, control your body language.

10.The major problem will guys is that they’re still worried about what others think of them. They choose mediocrity and “fake friends” over greatness but few homies. Better to be alone and strong, than to keep chasing validation.

red pill for men

11. Monday's are a good indicator if you're on the right path or not.

If you love Mondays you’re on the right path.

Nobody hates Mondays, they just hate their life.

12. Just want to remind you all that confident men don't need external validation, they already know their worth

13.Happiness is an inside job.

Don’t hand out that responsibility to someone else.

So NEVER get into a relationship just because you’re sad and lonely. in the long run, it’s only going to make you feel more depressed.

14. If she doesn’t make your life easier, she’s not the one.

15. Take a close look at your closest circle of friends.

Your friends influence you more than you think.

You and your friends should be discussing money, investing, traveling, workouts, and business.

Not drugs, alcohol, tv shows, and gossip.

16. Don’t enter a relationship before you have completed some of your goals.

Constant access to girls is one of the biggest dream killers.

You need to put all your focus on what truly matters.

And that is to build a legacy

17. Your family doesn’t want the best for you.

They want what's safest for you.

18.A boy becomes a man once he realizes that's it better to lose friends and girls than to have them be disrespectful.

If disrespecting you has no consequences people will walk all over you.

Set boundaries and follow through with consequences.

red pill for men

19. The first step to getting your life together is to join a gym.

No matter what the problem may be.

Broke up with your girlfriend? Go to the gym.

Got fired from your job? Go to the gym.

Having Mental issues? Go to the gym.

The gym is every man’s solution during tough times.

20. Women are products of their patterns.

If she lied and cheated on her ex, she will cheat on you too.

If she was toxic towards her ex, she will be toxic against you.

Of course she will deny it, even you might deny it. Don’t let love blind you. Especially don’t put her on a pedestal.

21. If you are depressed you are living in the past.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace you are living in the present.

22. Never be afraid to fail.

The only way to fail is to settle for mediocrity and become like everyone else.

Take the untraditional route, don’t follow the sheep pack.

Take risks, travel, learn valuable skills and find alternative ways to make money.

24. Normalize to choose growth over comfort.

Never jeopardize your future because of temporary pleasure.

It all comes down to if you respect yourself enough.

25. If she doesn’t put a mutual amount of effort, time, and energy into it as you...

Then you better get the fvck away.

If she likes you she’ll make it easy for you.

red pill for men

26. Since the dawn of time, women have always chosen the resourceful alpha male.

Women want strong, confident, masculine, powerful, resourceful alpha males who are comfortable in their own skin.

27.Every successful man had his heart broken at a young age.

Heart break is the best fuel for self improvement.

A heartbreak can either turn you into an unstoppable beast or completely tear you to pieces

28.Confidence is the most attractive trait a man can possess.

Women subconsciously read your body language, they WILL sense your insecurities and self-doubt.

29.Women use simps as free resources and emotional/external validation machines, but they’ll never have sex with them.

They just string them along until the simp wises up to the fact that he’ll never have ‘his turn’ with her. But until that day, women will gladly milk simps dry.

Women don’t respect guys who lack the balls to make a move. Being timid, shy, and nervous only works in Hollywood movies; that shit ain’t working in the real world. In the real world, you MUST be bold, outgoing, and calm.

30.If disrespecting you have no consequences, people will walk right over you.

Boundaries must be communicated and tolerances should not be a thing

31.If you’re unhappy about your current situation you must go to war with the man in the mirror.

Don’t come back until you win.


The Red Pill is a film that attempts to answer some of these questions and provide an insight into the world of dating. It's not just a movie - it's also a way of thinking, something you can apply to your life and relationships in order to improve them.


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