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Eating fast food ? Be aware

Updated: Jan 17

harmful effect of fast food

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What is fast food?

Fast food is used to describe food and drinks low in nutrients and high in kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugar and/or added salt, they are unhealthiest type food you can eat in your whole life, and it is being normalized today, you can get out of your house and walk few meters and you will find at least three to four restaurants serving junk foods, and the sad part is it is always crowded with people specially teenagers


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Harmful effect of junk food

Eating junk food is one of the main reasons for modern day health problems , our ancestors did not suffer from obesity and chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and some cancers. modern day food and junk food are filled with sugar and sodium that are way more than daily recommended value

Junk food not only destroys your body but it also destroys your mental health, High intake of sugars and fats tend to suppress the function of the brain that helps in learning and memory formation. This phenomenon is especially observed in growing children when their learning is at its highest. It was further supported by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, where it observed junk food consumption led to poor cognitive test results. Results displayed in a sudden inflammation in the hippocampus region of the brain, which is responsible for your memory and recognition. Excess consumption of junk foods changes the chemical composition of your brain. This change makes your body more dependent on such junk foodstuffs and craves them more and more. It almost acts like an addiction and people go through withdrawal symptoms and can lead to depression. It further causes hormonal imbalance in the body leading to wanting more of those junk foods.


Fast food and Mental health

Chronic everyday stress has been connected to research that suggest it increases our desire for sweet and fatty meals by releasing the stress hormone cortisol. For instance, people who are studying for an exam or who are working under pressure sometimes have a craving for "bad meals." When people are worried, they eat more fat.

Junk food can interfere with the signalling of neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones). Depression and other mental health conditions may result from this. Canadian study discovered that eating fast food frequently makes people feel hurried or irritable.

When eaten in excess, fast food can significantly alter your body's neurotransmitters, or signalling messages, making you dependant on junk food anytime you're feeling down. Junk food can interfere with the signalling of neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones). Depression and other mental health conditions may result from this.

Fast food and memory

According to a study, eating a Western-style diet heavy in junk food can quickly but subtly decrease hippocampal function. This area of the brain is connected to memory and hunger control, which is no coincidence.

Junk food has high levels of sugar and saturated fat, which can impair memory and learning. Children's verbal recall has been demonstrated to be severely impacted by foods like Coca-Cola and noodles.

Fast food and digestion

A bad diet can cause constipation, diverticular disease, and gallstones, according to Each of these ailments is defined as being brought on by diets that are deficient in dietary fibre and rich in fat and cholesterol.

Trans fats in processed foods might make it difficult for your brain to determine when you've had enough to eat, which can lead to a loss of self-control.

Consuming processed food increases one's likelihood of overeating. Numerous research have confirmed this. In one study, the group eating a diet high in ultra-processed foods had a daily rise in caloric consumption of about 500 calories.

negative effect of fast food

Fast food and oral health

The extra sugar and salt in fast food contribute to its detrimental effects on oral health. Debris is more likely to adhere to the teeth of your patients when they consume certain foods. As a result of this food debris, acids might amass on their teeth's surface. This eventually results in cavities and tooth decay.

Simple sugars created when you consume foods high in carbohydrates are ideal for oral bacteria growth. Simple sugars interact with oral bacteria in a way that produces corrosive acids that have the same effect as sugary foods on tooth enamel, causing decay, sensitivity, and gum disease.

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Headache after fast food

By boosting blood flow to the brain, foods containing chemical preservatives like nitrates, sulfites, or MSG can also cause migraines. According to materials from The National Headache Foundation, these additives are frequently present in processed meats (such as hot dogs and deli slices), alcohol, soy sauce, and canned soup.

fast food and headache

Fast food and acne

Fast food can affect your skin in a variety of ways, including pimples, more severe acne, irritation, redness, itching, and excessive oiliness.

Internal circulation may suffer by eating excessive amounts of high-fat foods. This may result in the skin puffiness that nobody likes to see when they gaze in the mirror. According to some study, eating foods with a high glycemic index (GI) may be detrimental to your skin. Acne can result from foods like chips and fries. Numerous research have demonstrated that dietary fat and refined carbs frequently cause skin to get stimulated, which results in acne. Blackheads are less obvious than acne, yet they nonetheless detract from your appearance.

The staples of a typical Western diet are fast food products including burgers, nuggets, hot dogs, french fries, sodas, and milkshakes, which may raise the risk of acne. In one study, which included more than 5,000 Chinese teenagers and young adults, a high-fat diet was linked to a 43% higher risk of acne development.

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Fast food and hairloss

Junk food frequently has aspartame, a lot of sugar, and/or saturated fatty acids, all of which have been connected to hair loss. A fast food diet can cause nutrient deficiencies when consumed often or in significant quantities, which can then cause hair loss. Fried foods frequently include a lot of extra oil, which can seep from the body into the skin and hair shaft. Because you are overstimulating the sebaceous or oil glands, these foods stimulate excess oil production. Therefore, it is better to stay away from any fast food that is deep-fried or made with a lot of excess oil.

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Fast food and eyesight

A recent study that was released in the British Journal of Ophthalmology found that consuming a diet high in processed meat, fried foods, and sweetened foods can eventually cause eyesight loss.

Your eye health will eventually be harmed if you consume a lot of fried foods and cakes that are heavy in harmful fats. Age-Related Macular Degeneration is one issue associated with a high-fat diet. The macula of the eye, a part of the retina, accumulates deposits over time.

fast food and eyesight

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Fast food and hearing difficulties

An increased risk of hearing issues was linked to a high-fat diet. According to the study, a diet high in vitamins and antioxidants and low in fat may be beneficial for maintaining good hearing. High blood sugar levels brought on by fast food can harm the inner ear's microscopic blood vessels and nerves. Over time, low blood sugar can harm how nerve signals from your inner ear reach your brain. Loss of hearing can be caused by either kind of nerve injury.

Fast food and Puberty

The tendency to consume more junk food has an impact on nutritional advancement. This is due to the hormones that are released in response to the fat, animal protein, and trans fat found in junk food, which alter when menstruation occurs and when secondary indications appear in youngsters earlier than expected for their age.

Puberty typically begins earlier in children whose diets are deficient in nutrients. Normal physical development is disrupted by a diet high in processed foods, meats, dairy, and fast food.

According to study, a bad diet may be preventing youngsters from growing to their full height. According to a survey, school-age children from all around the world had an average height disparity of 20 cm (7.9 in).

Fast food and testosterone

Read the full article here - Fast food effect on tetosterone

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Fast food and Erectile dysfunction

fast food and ed

Saturated fat-rich diets have been related to heart disease, and men who have the condition are more prone to develop ED. Dr. Ulchaker explains that high-fat diets "may result in blockages in the coronary arteries and reduce the size of the arteries supplying blood flow to the penis." According to Davis, these artery-clogging fats also prevent the body from producing nitric oxide, which aids in regulating blood flow to our extremities. If you don't have enough nitric oxide, Davis claims, you'll have a problem with erectile dysfunction.

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